Why The Poor Should Be Blasted Out In To Space (nounverb) wrote,
Why The Poor Should Be Blasted Out In To Space

Delicious Glue Update

So my previous post about the formatting of the HTML in the post was wrong. I strike it up to having weird hours and overthinking problems. I've changed the regular expression from one which reformats the data structure to one which just removes whitespace between the LI and first DIV tag. It now produces a balanced, even output since LiveJournal has a hardon for subbing in HTML line breaks for plain text line breaks.

Delicious Glue,


unzip to any directory, upload to your web server, and point Delicious's Daily Post at the URL of lj.php.

Or just point your daily post at http://web.njit.edu/~js84/php/lj.php if you wish
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